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Family & Friends, it’s time for us to come together; we are getting older and before you know it, we’ll start attending sad events. Let’s make this our first and hopefully not the last time we have one big cruise together. No exclusion here that includes Peart, who used to be Peart, Deroux, who use to be Deroux, Magett, who used to be Magett, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids, friends, I think you get the picture. And yes parents we would love for you to be part of this.

The cruise is scheduled between July & August 2017, which gives everybody plenty of time to plan ahead. Plus the kids will be out of school. So can everybody support this adventure? Sign up below if you want to be part of this family event, we need head count.

Further details are coming soon.

Let’s do this!

Cost starts at:

Minimum Price (PP) - Price May Vary

Let’s break down the numbers…
So base on 1 person stays at a hotel, eating 3 meal at a buffet and watching live shows for 7 days on land.

Per Person Cost Per Day Total Days Totals
Meals 1 $8.99 3 7 $188.79
Lodging 1 $120.01 7 $840.07
Live Shows 1 $90.00 7 $630.00
Grand Total

That’s just 3 key highlighted areas but you get a lot more for the cost, which currently starts at $550 per person compare to what it would cost if all this is done on a land base vacation.

Here are some tentative locations, click the images to see more.

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